Our process technology offering at Johnson Matthey is based on the co-development and design of all aspects of advanced ion exchange (AIX) adsorption.

PT2 - web content1.jpgProcess technology integrates reaction design and operation with the properties of the AIX materials including adsorbent substrate, functionality, reactor design, and optimised operating conditions.

Process scale-up, or Reaction Engineering, is a key resource and competence within the business, merging hydrodynamics and process scale-up with adsorption and diffusion modelling, physical and computational modelling of plant and adsorbents. Our engineers and application scientists have the proven ability to design full scale AIX plants from experimental and pilot plant results, at a scale factor of >10 4 and to offer a range of plant designs, from simple stirred tank reactors, through continuous columns, segmented beds and carousel/simulated moving bed reactors.