We have over 20 years' experience of manufacturing functional solid supports or advanced ion exchange materials from different base materials including fibres, resins, silica's and silica polymer composites.

New products are developed at our R&D centres and then transferred and scaled up at Johnson Matthey Finland where we have dedicated equipment for both piloting and full scale production. Once the manufacturing procedure has been optimised at our main production site, some advanced ion exchange products may then also be manufactured globally closer to the customer site.

We can tailor-make products for specific applications or according to customers' request. Pharmaceutical companies usually work on rather small scale and typically volumes are less than 500 kg while our industrial partners use scavengers on tonnage scale and we have a proven track record of our manufacturing capabilities to fulfil such supply demands.

We make our products from readily available substrates and chemicals and try to source these as close as possible to manufacturing site.

Quality assurance and control is paramount to our business, we utilise leading manufacturing excellence such as LEAN and 5S systems.