We offer the widest range of media types internationally including a family of functionalities available across 4 platforms: Polymer Fibres, Polymer Beads, Silicas and Silica Polymer Composites.

QP - web content1.jpgThis broad range enables the best fit of material properties to the process optimising metal loading capacity, loading kinetics, selectivity to target ions, and material stability. We offer a range of media that by-passes the conventional limitations of ion exchange, offering stability, selectivity and capacity based on proprietary functionalisation technologies. We also supply scavengers that work via ligand exchange for pharmaceutical applications.

Our AIX product range comprises of:
SPC Range

The Silica Polymer Composites (SPC) range are the 'next generation' of silica based AIX materials. The SPC material is a silica base that is surface functionalised to provide a nanometre thick polymer overlayer that carries the AIX functionality, and also effectively prevents the active silica surface from interacting with the functionality or ions in solution.

SPC materials have rapid adsorption kinetics, as the functionality is located on and close to the surface of the silica particles, and so they are not subject to pore diffusion effects that can slow adsorption and complicate desorption and recovery of target ions. SPC materials have strong pH stability and retain the dimensional stability of silica and do not swell or shrink in the presence of water, solvents or with a change in pH. SPC materials are stable at elevated temperature and do not compress in service, even at high flow.

Functional Silica Range

The Functional Silica (FS) range uses the dimensional stability, temperature resistance and controllable pore size distribution of silica to make a range of high capacity and fast loading AIX materials. FS materials are resistant to organic solvents and have strong pH stability.

A proprietary functionalisation technique is used to manufacture the FS materials which can be made in a wide range of particle sizes. The pore size and volume can be optimised to meet process requirements.

The entire range of AIX functionality is available in the FS format: Popular functional groups include thiol, thiolate, weak and strong bases.

Smopex® Range

Smopex® AIX media is based on a polymer fibre, with the surface functionalised to produce materials that have high capacities and rapid adsorption kinetics. The strong adsorption affinities produced in the Smopex® process give the ability to remove Platinum Group Metals and other contaminating ions to sub ppb concentrations in a single treatment step. Smopex® fibres are mechanically robust and can be used in stirred tank applications or as an inline filter bed. There is a wide range of functionality available in the Smopex® form, giving selectivity to common base and precious metals as well as charged organic species.

QuadraSil™ Range

The QuadraSil™ (QS) range is based on a high quality mono disperse particle size spherical silica substrate for use in pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications. The proprietary QuadraSil™ manufacturing process produces an adsorbent that has fast kinetics even at room temperature for sensitive applications, stability to organic solvents and strong acids, and which does not leach any unwanted organic compounds or silica. The entire range of functionality is available on the QuadraSil™ substrate: popular functionality includes weak base, thiol and strong base for the adsorption of base and precious metals from fine and pharma applications. QuadraSil™ products are suitable for use in batch and continuous column operation.

QuadraPure™ Range

The QuadraPure™ (QP) range of adsorbents based on uniformly spherical polymer resins substrates for use in pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications, and complements the QuadraSil™ range of adsorbents. The proprietary QuadraPure™ manufacturing process gives a resin that has extremely low levels of leachable compounds, significantly reducing or eliminating contamination of process streams. QuadraPure™ resins are available in a range of functionality for the adsorption of base and precious metals from fine and pharma applications. QuadraPure™ adsorbents are suitable for use in continuous column and batch applications.