Johnson Matthey offers a range of advanced ion exchange solutions for the recovery of high value metals in the mining industry.

MandR 3 - web content.jpg Mining our world's resources is a challenging business, with increasing legislative requirements and focus on environmental and cost issues. Significant progress has been made in sustainable mining, even with grades and quality of orebodies declining. Every ore source can present its own unique processing requirements related to the mineral content. The complex mix of metallic elements can result in specific separation issues or contamination problems. Recycling of water is also becoming the prime tool to reduce mining's water footprint.

Advanced Ion Exchange can directly benefit sustainable mining in 4 key areas:

Selective Copper Recovery - CuSelect

Our CuSelect process adds value to copper miners and processors by applying the extreme selectivity of our ion exchange products to recover Copper from complex process streams and effluent streams, even those containing high levels of Iron. The Copper can then be eluted to generate a high tenor solution which enables efficient onward processing.

Mercury removal from Gold Mining – HgFree

The mining and processing of Gold is well established. Mercury can be present within the ore and has to be processed, captured and safely stored. Incorrect processing of mercury can result in its release into the atmosphere and has the potential to shut mining operations down. Our HgFree process selectively removes Mercury from cyanide based gold streams prior to processing. Subsequent refining steps are free from Mercury with reductions in air emissions and a safer working environment.

Silver Electrolyte Purification – AgPure

Our AgPure process allows for the purification of silver electrolytes by selective recovery of higher value metals such as Platinum and Palladium. The process improves the quality of the Silver product and furthermore creates value by reducing Palladium losses. It also limits the potential for PGM losses in downstream processing of the electrolyte.

Precious Metals removal from effluent streams - PGMSelect

Precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, and Ir) are present within many mining processes. The high value metals are generated as a result of direct mining for Platinum as well as a by-product when mining for Copper or Nickel. Our PGMSelect process uses the high selectivity of our product range to separate these materials in the process and also recover the high values from effluent streams. These methods all contribute to step changes in processing efficiency helping to reduce costs. Even precious metals below 1ppm can be recovered.