Our advanced processes can be used to recover metal from chemical streams to help improve efficiencies and ensure product quality.

PT - web content-min.jpgPlatinum group metal (PGM) and base metal (BM) catalysts are used extensively within the chemical industry. In some applications, the catalysts are soluble species that are added during synthetic reactions and can be difficult to recover and recycle without adversely affecting the valuable reaction product. Catalysts can contain base metals such as Copper which have the potential to contaminate the final product, or PGMs such as Platinum or Rhodium that can also contaminate the final product and can be a significant loss of value if not recovered and recycled.

We have designed, installed and operated recovery processes on Chemical plants globally over the past 15 years. Linking closely with Johnson Matthey Refining and Chemicals, we are able to provide a full service of recovery and re-supply of your precious metals product requirement.


Homogeneous Platinum catalysts are used extensively in the manufacture of liquid silicones. After purification, the silicone products contain half the Platinum that is added as catalyst, a potential contamination of the product. The lost Platinum is a significant cost in the process.

Recovery of Platinum from silicones can be difficult to achieve due to the physical and chemical properties of silicones such as viscosity and hydrophobicity, and the high operating temperatures used in the streams where Platinum needs to be removed.

Our products have been designed to deal with the challenging operating conditions, recover and recycle Platinum to reduce operating costs and produce a recycled Platinum stream that can be used to manufacture fresh catalyst. Our adsorbents are safe to handle and are compatible with conventional PGM refining and recovery.